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Email Setup Instructions


Telpage POP3 Server Settings for all Devices

Incoming Server
Port 110

Outgoing/SMTP Server
Port 9925

Special Note on Windows 8, and higher

Windows 8 and higher do not come with a pre-installed email client (email program) that supports POP3 email services. You must download and install an email client first.

We suggest and support Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird.


Email Best Pactices



Webmail Usage

Telpage Webmail is a simple, convenient way to access your mail and send correspondence to other users. 

*WebMail requires a browser that supports Javascript.

Located below you will find a Telpage Webmail Users Guide that will assist with many of the features. Bear in mind that webmail, unlike traditional mail programs (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Communicator), does NOT download mail to your PC. It simply displays mail that resides on the Telpage mail server. We encourage you to manage your mailbox efficiently by deleting mail from your inbox /  sent box at regular intervals. All mail accounts have a 50mb storage limit. Once that limit is exceeded mail will not be deposited into your account and will bounce back to the sender. To identify how much storage space is currently used/available at any time simply click on MAILBOXES and look at the statement "You have used # of #"

Webmail User Guide