Telpage is a privately owned and managed, Mid Atlantic based mass communications company. Created in 1986, the company is committed to a mission of delivering effective and efficient communication solutions to the markets which it serves.

What makes Telpage unique? The foundation of this company is built on communications. We are not an electronics store that resells communications services. We are not communications consultants that offer advice but little real support. We are a team of hands-on professionals that brings together knowledge from every facet of the industry. From our exacting demands on communication quality, to our leadership in the burgeoning communications industry, we are committed to our vision, dependent on our experience, and confident in our understanding of client needs.

In virtually every field, from health care to banking and entertainment to industrial development, Telpage helps businesses, organizations and individuals leverage the power of communications. 

Although we offer extensive communications products and services, we consider our greatest communications resource to be our people. Well educated, highly skilled and cross trained, our staff offers every client the personal attention required to meet their exacting communications needs. But our staff's involvement does not stop there. Recognizing the need for community involvement that will serve to improve the areas that we call "Home", Telpage staff members can be found working on the boards of nonprofit organizations, civic organizations, community outreach groups and participating in philanthropic fundraisers. On a corporate level, Telpage is a proud supporter and sponsor of numerous programs. 

At Telpage we stand ready to help you. We can strategically create custom communications packages that ensure reliable and efficient services. Telpage can alleviate the stress and confusion that is often associated with the selection of services from the technology sector. We make these services simple to understand, use and enjoy. Simply stop by corperate office for more information on Telpage services, call us or point your web browser to No one makes it easier to keep in touch.